Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Myspace Can Suck It!

Well Myspace has finally done it! It has now become the bottom of the barrel of social networking sites. It has become another Friendster. After nearly a decade of being the main center of connecting to the world, it has decided to resort to alienating long time users with the dreaded 3.0 upgrade. What is 3.0, you say? It is just another fancy way of trying to hip and cool like Facebook. In truth, Myspace fails miserably and will never top Facebook's audience.

Now I too have Facebook account and I have a close connection to family and friends so that is where I keep the two seperate. Myspace became my go to place for blogging since it had a really cool blogging features and made me part of a community of creative writers. From creative writing, daily ramblings, and humorous anecdotes it gave me a forum to write and speak my mind without any limits. 3.0 has taken that away from me.

The appearance of this new Myspace I can't stomach. The navigational features are horrendous! Blogging, editing, and posting graphics are a nightmare! THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY! I hate this new upgrade with a passion! For now I'm waiting this out until my current blog group who I adore choose a good location to house a new writing group (hopefully Blogger). As for Myspace, they can suck it! I no longer care to put much effort there and I'll laugh while their loyal long term subscribers run off for the hills because of their ridiculous need to compete with Facebook!


Steven said...

Agreed, and....agreed.

PJS said...

I'm with you on this one, just waiting to see were Blogophilia sets up.